May 11, 2013

Geometric French Tips

I recently decided to try some new image plates and here is my first test design.

I found this set on Amazon for $12.99. Its called the Gals "Princes Set" and so far I like it.

The designs have great detail and you get 25 plates. The tops of the full nail designs are cut out in a rounded way which means that any design can be used for French tips. The down side is that because of the rounded edge the full nail stamps wont cover all of my nails and they aren't even as long as usual at this point. Little disappointed but over all for the price they are a nice set. The design above is from Gals GA17.


  1. How do you manage to get such a clean smile line and get your stamping straight? These look fantastic. :)

  2. Thank you Jewli. Most of the time my smile line goes every which way so I go over the top with a little polish remover and an old eyeliner brush to straighten it out. As for stamping straight... lots of practice. My first few weeks stamping were horrible and my nails looked a mess but it was fun so I kept on trying.


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