May 14, 2013

Bright Summer French Tips

Something Playful.

This is way easier than it looks at first glance.

Polish for gradient

China Glaze White on White

A Make up sponge. I use these Cosmetic Wedges because they come in bulk and one bag last me forever. I cut them into smaller pieces to get the biggest bang for my buck.

Start off with clean nails and sponge on a white polish at an angle across the lower half of your nails. The white will make your neon pop but its not necessary if you chose cream or metallic colors.

My Ombre colors here are China Glaze Love's A Beach and China Glaze Splish Splash.

Once the white is dry, paint your pink and blue in stripes across the edge of a sponge. Dab it on lightly and let the purple magically appear. Be sure to reload the sponge for each nail for more even coverage. I did each nail twice with the neons. Let it dry between layers or you'll pull up polish with the sponge.

Bundle Monster Image Plate BM12. This is from one the early sets I bought back in 2012 so I couldn't find the specific link to share.

I used Konad Special Polish Black and White when I did this design.

 Bundle Monster stamping polish is a little cheaper. Here is the link... Bundle Monster Black and White special polish.

Stamp your design in white on a diagonal across the top of your gradient tips.

Stamp the black polish over the white, but this time try not to line it up perfectly over the top, so that it shows. I don't really have to try not to line it up... I couldn't line it up the exact same if I tried lol :)

Add top coat and it looks like someone spent a very long time on her nails.


Tell me what you think and share your thoughts with the rest of the AbnormNail crowd...