October 31, 2013

Halloween Fishnet Nails

Happy Halloween!

 This design is easy and the colors are very Halloween appropriate. I was thinking something along the lines of a Witch in fishnet tights :)

So here is the All Star line up of polish and paints used for this design.

(Left to Right: Konad Special Black/ Light As Air/ Liquid Leather/ Highlight Of My Summer/ Green Acrylic/ Purple Acrylic/ Seche Vite Top Coat/ Cosmetic Wedge)

Start off with your creamy base colors. I used two coats because both of these polishes tend to be a little streak-tastic but I still love them and think they are amazing.

At this stage it looks a bit more like Easter than Halloween but hang in there it gets creepier ;)
(Green: Highlight Of My Summer/ Purple: Light As Air)

Secondly, I used acrylic paint to sponge on a rough gradient. You can find acrylic paint at any craft store for pretty cheap. Regular nail polish would work just fine for this step. I just liked the colors of these two paints for this design.

Now its beginning to look a lot like Halloween! I almost stopped at this point. If you added your top coat here I think this is interesting and playful. As for me... more is more... on with the stamping lol :)

(Konad Special Black/Bundle Monster Plate BM-209)

Make sure to let your gradient dry completely and then stamp your net design using your favorite stamping polish in black.

Finish it off with a thin line of black polish along the tips and a shiny top coat. Hope you all enjoy the holiday!
(Black: Liquid Leather/ Top Coat: Seche Vite)