March 25, 2013

Pink Magic Nails

This is a remix of a design I originally posted in black and blue under Black Magic Nails.

Black Magic Nails has turned out to be my most popular post so far and is a personal favorite. I wanted to try it in more feminine colors and here is what I came up with.

(Left to Right: Konad Special Polish in Purple, Klean Color Metallic Pink, China Glaze Prey Tell)

The major thing to consider when choosing your polish for this design is that your base color and the polish you use for stamping should be as close to a match as possible. This allows the design to blend in with and disappear into the base for that seamless effect.

I started with two coats of Prey Tell.

Use a cosmetic wedge to sponge on your gradient color. This manicure is very forgiving so don't worry too much about getting the perfect fade or being a little on the sloppy side. As you can see getting a little polish on your skin is a high probability but it comes off easy enough with a little remover and an old eyeliner brush.

I used Konad Special Polish in Purple and Bundle Monster image plate BM-201. From the moment I first received this "Purple" I took issue with it masquerading under the name "Purple" because it is really a red brown. It's a close match to Prey Tell and I doubt anyone would ever use Purple to describe this bloody red brown but never the less it worked for this design.

March 3, 2013

Polka Dotty Reds

A simple and classic 50's red polka dot pattern.

This design is as simple as it gets in the world of nail stamping. Start by painting your nails a solid color, in this case Ruby Ruby. Once dry Stamp on the dots or used a dotting tool to add them free hand. I used image plate QA3 and Konad special polish in white. Too easy and great practice if you're just getting started with nail stamping.

(SinfulColors Ruby Ruby and Konad Special Polish White)
Yes, those are teeth marks on the caps... bad habit and the mark of my entire collection lol