February 23, 2018

Cat Call Leopard Print

Sexy leopard print nail art that will keep heads turning all day. Hot pink and glitter add even more pop to this classically sexy animal print. Awesome! This is an easy manicure with a ton of appeal. This is also a great design to try if you are just learning to stamp because the little imperfections actually make this look more like animal print that a geometric pattern. I always fill in the middle of my spots with an accent color or in this case a little glitter for some pizzazz.

China Glaze Bottoms Up  is one of my go to pink polishes.  I haven't talked much about the glitter polish United but it really is something. It is a full coverage glitter that works as a base and is especially fantastic for adding accents of sparkle to your designs. I used stamping plate Mash-40 but there are a ton of brands out there that make a nice leopard print.



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