February 26, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Marble

I have been on a bit of a St. Patrick's day nail art kick so here is more. I've also been playing with my Pueen Marble Paradise stamping plate a lot lately so I decided to combine the two. I like that the green is not the dominant color in this design for those that aren't too keen on full blown green nails.


Both nails are the same stamp just not applied in the same direction. I've said it before but you really want to turn your stamp with designs like this to make it more visually interesting. 




China Glaze Passion is an excellent gold stamping polish. It gives full coverage and is easy to clean up with and eyeliner brush and acetone if you get some on your skin. Some gold polishes leave a trail of micro glitter on your fingers that is hard to get out the crevasses.


I feel like a tutorial is in order soon but this is just the two cream polishes painted in patches under the stamp. The bright green is Gaga For Green and the darker green is West Side Warrior. Looked a little crazy before I added the gold to the top. Sometimes a clean smooth sponge gradient isn't necessary under your stamp. I did use a sponge on the tips of my other nails to get the gradual fade. Hope you like!

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