February 16, 2018

Polka Dot Pink Mani


Fun, Polka dots! French Tips with a twist.


I need to start off by saying that these pictures do not do this polish any justice. Thistle Do Nicely is a bright, almost glowing, pink neon cream. I tried to photograph it in every possible light, but it just doesn't come across as bright as it is in person. 

To continue on to the polish and plates in this design click "See more" below to the left.


I took this picture outside and still could not get the glow to showcase. I even looked for pictures on line and found nothing close. It doesn't look like anyone was able to capture this beautiful color on camera. Take my word for it, if you love a neon manicure, this is the best formula and brightest color I have ever used.  I can only say if you buy this one online you will not be disappointed when you see it in person.

On to the nail art! I used two coats of Thistle do Nicely. It doesn't have to be perfect at this step. I usually do a coat of white under a neon but with this awesome color it really didn't need it.

 Once it is dry, go in with an old makeup brush and acetone to clean up your lines. It can look pretty messy before this step, don't give up, it always turns out after the clean up.


For the polka dots I used Cheeky CH-22 but you could easily free hand them.  I like the uniformity of a stamp.

These pictures are kind of duds... just mind the design LOL. :(


I used Bundle Monster plate 209 and bmc White b.m.c White stamping polish on the accent nail. I was a little critical of bmc Straight Up Black yesterday but the White is perfectly lovely to work with.

<Shaking my fists at the heavens> Why?! I really wish the color would have come through even a little. If anyone has any tips on photographing neon I would love some advice.

Dotting tool and a drop of polish and you have some funky details and contrast.

As per usual, a little of your favorite top coat, mine being Seche Vite, and your ready to be careful with your nails for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. 

Tip: If you need your polish to set quickly, put some ice water in a bowl and dip your digits in for a few seconds. Polish will come out hard and ready for action.

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