November 13, 2013

Icy Blue Snowflake Nails

Baby it's cold outside.
A little something for the upcoming winter months. This is an easy to do manicure with fun accents but the holographic effect of Sci-Fly by (the light blue polish) really steals the show. Here are the polishes...
Left ---> Right: Konad Special Polish in White/ Deviantly Daring/Sci-Fly By/ Seche Vite Top Coat

Side Note: I've decided to add the names of the polishes to my labels list. If you see a polish you like just click on it's name at the bottom of the post and see all the designs featuring it. :)
This is Sci-Fly By... beautiful holo polish. It does take me about three coats to get it the way I like but its so pretty I don't mind at all.
Using a makeup sponge I added a little of the darker metallic blue Deviantly daring. Another color that I am in love with. The bottle alone is so pretty I find myself puling it of the rack to show anyone that comes near my collection.

I used two stamping plates for the snowflakes. There are a ton of winter and Christmas themed plates that have an array of adorable designs and different snowflakes. I found most of my plates on Amazon and eBay.
Add your Top Coat and all done :) Something pretty to kick off the holiday season.

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