November 9, 2013

Purple Snake Skin Nails

So this week I wanted to do something subtle and fun. I chose some of my favorite fall polishes. I have done snake skin nails a couple times, but so far this is my favorite color combination. Let me show you how I get a multidimensional effect by mixing colors directly on the plate.


 I painted my nails with a coat of Below Deck. Using a makeup sponge, I added the gradient to the tips with Prey Tell. I planned on stamping over this gradient. I wasn't really going for perfection.

This would be a nice manicure alone, but once again I can never stop at simple and sweet ;)

Now let the Stamping begin! For this design, I mixed two polishes with a dotting tool for a less uniform patchy effect. I like to mix my polish right on the image plate :) If you have a minute, check out my Crocodile Skin Nails for another example of this technique at work.

Step One: Add random dots of two or more polishes to the design plate. The silver polish I used here is Orly Dazzle. It's great for stamping and it doesn't dry as fast as the stamping polishes. The dark polish is Konad Special Polish in Purple. Konad polish will dry very fast so work quickly. Also the bottle looks brown, but I promise. it is in fact purple once get it on the plate.

Step Two: Use a dotting tool, toothpick, bobby pin, or really anything that comes to a point.  zig-zag across the design, and mix up your polish.

Step Three: Scrape off all of the excess paint. I use an old Amazon gift card. You may notice some scrathches on my older plates. This is from using the cheap metal scrapers that come with some stamping kits. This particular design is from Bundle Monster plate BM-215.

Step Four: If you have worked quickly enough... pick up your image onto a rubber stamper. Pretty cool effect. The polish goes from dark to light metallic depending on how the light hits it. Practice makes perfect.

Finish it all off with a little clean up, and your favorite top coat (mine is of course Seche Vite). Your'e all set for Fall. I know it's not the best for your skin and nails, but I use straight acetone, and an old eyeliner brush, for cleaning up polish boo boos.

That's it. Multidimensional Purple snake skin nails in no time at all. 

This method also works well with cream polishes.

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