May 12, 2013

Neon Crackle Nails

Like many nail polish enthusiasts, I am a sucker for a new type of polish. Crackle polishes had me fully intrigued. I picked up a few imagining the possibilities. I've had a bottle of white crackle, sitting unopened for over a year now. I finally challenged myself to come up with a use for it. TaDa

As I'm sure you know, the key to making a neon polish really pop is a coat of white underneath it. I thought. what better way to play with my unloved white crackle, than to use it to add interest and texture to a neon sponge gradient.

Find Sally Hansen Snow Blast here.

I painting the crackle directly on my nails. Let me tell you, it was a flop. You need to start with a coat of Sech Vite, or your favorite top coat, then added a thick coat of the white crackle. This is what it looked like once dry. I will admit, it looks a little funky without a color underneath it but I kind of like the novelty.

The line up is China Glaze Sun KissedLove's A BeachSplish Splash.

I picked these three colors because they are all very easy to work with when sponging. The best part about it is they actually produce five colors. Back to middle school color mixing for a second... yellow and pink make orange and pink and blue make purple.

Load your sponge with paint in this order and you will magically get orange and purple in between your other colors when you sponge it on your nails. I love when a nail design turns out to be less complicated than it looks. I went over my nails with the sponge twice just to make it really pop with color.

Add your top coat and you have a loud summer manicure that begs the question, "How did you do that?".


  1. it's such a burst of color!

  2. I'll try this. Thank you for sharing this.GREAT!

  3. Thank you guys. To Slimwitch: The color mixing made me think of a post I read on your blog about secondary colors lol. Great lesson for all ages.

  4. How awesome is this?! I have so many Shatters/Crackles sitting right now, including a white. I so need to try this!

  5. saw this on Pinterest and had to click through to find out how you did this! SO awesome!! Definitely going to be copying this for my next mani!

  6. Pinterest really is an amazing resource. Thank you for the nice comment ABBY :) Feel free to copy or improve upon anything you see :)

  7. I love it !!!! and I want to try it. Never bought a crackle polish...but now I will to make this fantastic design. Thank you very much for the idea.

  8. This is cute. -L

  9. Fantastic! I wish I could get my sponge technique this good.

  10. Barbara you are very talented. The way you use things. Your very creative. I still want to go over and get my nails worked on.


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