May 26, 2013

How To Make A Feather Decal

As a little girl, my grandmother used to tell me, if I wasn't good she would beat me with a feather. At the time, the irony was lost on me, but today I found myself feeling beat-up and defeated by a tiny little pink feather. No matter how I hard I tried, the feather nail technique was a mess and a disaster. I didn't give up and found a fool proof way of doing it. I want to share.

I don't always get defeated by feathers, but when I do, I experiment until they are right where I want them... in one piece on my accent nails.

At first, I was doing it like the ladies I've seen on YouTube. Painting my nail and dragging and pressing the tip of the feather into place. My polish kept getting demolished and the feather was spreading out leaving huge gaps in a sloppy design. Despite how many coats of clear I used, or how long I let it dry, I couldn't even get a half way presentable feather nail.  Here is what ended up working for me....

I painted my nails like so. The pink is China glaze Beauty Within and the green is China Glaze Highlight of My Summer. They are both polishes from the new summer line which I am loving. The collection is six creams and six jelly polishes. I've read some complaints about the formulas but I don't have any to contribute nor do I agree for the most part.

I cut a rectangle out of a Ziploc bag and painted a thin coat of Seche Vite. I pressed some feathers into the areas of clear polish. After that was all dry, I went back over the feathers with another clear coat. When the polish was dry, I peeled it off the bag, and trimmed it down a little. I painted clear polish over my green nail, and pressed the feather decal onto it, careful to get it stuck down on the entire surface. This method of making nail decals was not my idea. I thought it would be great for feathers and it worked like a charm. My feather didn't spread out and cutting off the excess was a breeze.

I finished trimming off any extra areas and added another coat of Seche Vite. When I was dry. I filed down the tips and edges and I had a pretty close to undisturbed feather. 

I bought a giant bag of feathers in bulk for less than $10 here ... Craft feathers. I'm sure you could get them at a craft store as well.


  1. wow.. you are soo artistic. i never thought of using feather.. hmmm.... I am such a fan!

  2. I was defeated by the feather as well. This is an amazing idea. I can't wait to try it with the decal! Thanks!!!


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