May 1, 2013

Blue Purple Gradient

 There are many ways you can achieve a gradient or ombre manicure but this one is my favorite. I use this method in many of my designs so here is how I do it...
Step One: Pick your polishes!

(Left to Right: China Glaze for Audrey/Fancy Pants)
I like to experiment with colors and finishes and I'm always finding new combinations that I love but for a smooth gradient I find that cream polishes are a sure thing.
Step Two: Paint your nails with the lighter of your two colors. I went with two coats and let them dry completely.

Step Three: Paint half of the end of a cosmetic sponge with the color you used on your nails and the other half with the other color. (Scroll up if you want to see what a mess mine looked like.)

Step Four: Lightly dab your painted sponge onto your nails. You will get some on your skin but don't fret it comes off soon enough. You want to make sure that you have plenty of polish on your sponge or else it will pull up paint and ruin your blend. I paint a coat of each color on my sponge for every nail. Allow your nails to dry and repeat this step until you are happy with your blend. I went over mine twice on this mani but sometimes I do three and even four rounds of sponge depending on the colors and polishes I'm using.

Step Five: Use and old eyeliner brush and some polish remover to carefully clean up the polish on your skin. I pour a little in the lid of the remover bottle and dip the brush. Have a paper towel ready to blot your brush on and get rid of that unwanted polish before you re dip :)

Now that your nails are cleaned up you may notice that they have a rough texture and your colors may not be blending as smoothly as you had hoped... don't quit or give up here! I'm always disappointed with my work until.... drum roll...  top coat brings it all home. :D

Step six: Add your favorite top coat or in this case I used Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond which is a glitter. It's almost magic how the top coat melts the two colors together and evens everything out.
 Sometimes my gradients still don't leave me in complete awe and for those days I stamp right over the top and end up with a design I didn't even plan for. Have fun!

(This is Bundle Monster Plate BM-201 and Sally Hansen Brisk Blue)


  1. This is fantastic and an inspiration.

  2. Thanks again slimwitch! I always love hearing your feedback. Feel free to email me a picture of what you come up with... I'd love to see your art.


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