February 2, 2013

L.A Kings Nails 3

So I am fully aware that football is the focus this weekend but seeing how I prefer hockey and I'm not really into the brown football lace nails....

The silver is Orly Dazzle and the purple is China Glaze Bizarre Blurple. Over the silver I used Bling it on which is a purple hexagon and purple micro mixed with stringy black and black hexagon glitter. Over the purple section I used Razzle Me Dazzle Me which is the same stringy black and black micro glitter mixed with a silver-ish hexagon and micro. They are very bling bling and the design ended up a little busier than I was going for but I still really love the new polish. Way to go China Glaze... again. The very last step here was a black strip of nail tape. I wish I had the steady hand to draw a straight line but nail tape works (almost lol) every time so its my default.

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