February 16, 2013

Gold and Black Nails

Elegant gold and black nails.

I have a theory that glitter nail polish makes your nails stronger... while you have it on anyways. I cant say that I have any evidence at all that this is true but I do layer on the glitz when my nails are a bit thin and vulnerable about the tips. Seems like all the tiny little pieces overlapping would lend some structural integrity but this may all just be another quirk of my particular brand of crazy. On to the manicure... the gold is three coats of China Glaze I'm Not Lion and the black is China Glaze Liquid Leather. For the stamp I used Bundle Monster plate BM-312 and Konad Special Polish in Black and for the accent nail Orly Luxe. Very beautiful in the sun and especially in moon light.


  1. Just :-0
    That`s LOVELY!!!!!!!!


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jackie! I only wish I could have captured a photo to show how it sparkled in person.


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