February 23, 2013

3D Nails

Layers everywhere and not a one to spare.

(Konad Special Polish Black / White / Pink / Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep)
 The stamp I used for this design is Bundle Monster BM-313. Nothing to tricky about this one just paint a base color, I used Silver Sweep, and stamp away. Make sure not to cover up the design as you add each layer. I started with black, then stamped white over it, and followed up with the pink.

 So I doubt anyone would notice without me pointing it out but there was a guest star in my picture of this Manicure. If you look carefully, behind and above my pinky, you will see a blurry patch of striped fur. My cat Phnx crawled into my light box as I was snapping this shot. He loves the camera and seemed really interested in being on my blog so here is my favorite picture of him sleeping. I say favorite because between my husband and I we have a ton of these sleeping kitty shots. :)


  1. Your nails are stunning, no doubt about, but you cat Phnx is pure love! Completely lovely!

    Rock ur Nails!

    1. Thank you Antonia. He's a real sweet heart.


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