March 10, 2018

Elegant Nails: Misty Garden

Elegant, delicate, and intricate.

Essie Satin Sister Leave nail art design

This one gives me a little bit of an Asian garden vibe. 

Bundle monster stamping polish rocko wear

So here is the line up: For Stamping Polishes we have, b.m.c. Straight Up Black, b.m.c Rocko Wear, Essie Satin Sister, China Glaze Holographic Polish When Stars Collide, and China Glaze White On White. 

Holo nail polish and cream accent nails

Start with two coats each of Satin Sister and When Stars Collide. Satin Sister is a beautiful dark teal. It dries glossy and gives full coverage with ease. 

When Stars Collide is a dark purple Holographic polish. It's very densely pigmented and goes on with full coverage in just two coats. Some holographic polish is streaky (you have to just keep putting layer after layer) but not this one. Pretty!

Gradient nail art with sponge

Time for that beautiful misty gradient using a cut piece of makeup sponge. If you want more detail and tips on how to do a smooth sponge gradient, check out my older post... Blending Color : Hibiscus Nail Art.

The Stamp here is Bundle Monster BM-208.
I used one of the smaller designs. Alternate between stamping polish colors for a multidimensional effect. Place the stamp randomly. Make sure not to completely overlap the color over the stamp beneath.

Now you are ready to stamp over that beautiful ombre. I used light green polish over the dark portion, and black polish over the white tip for contrast

A little of your favorite top coat and done. Elegant nail art that is both eye catching and simpler that it looks.

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