January 28, 2013

Pink Braided Nails

For this design, I used the Braiding Nail Polish technique. If you are not familiar, I did a tutorial, some years ago,  here... Braiding Nail Polish. It's a lot easier than you would imagine. Basically, just layering polish in a "V" on your nail.

My lines could use a little work. I blame coffee! The base is China Glaze Adventure Red-Y. The colors in the braided part are China Glaze Sugar High (pink) and Orly's Dazzle (silver). 

This method requires a lot of dry time. 

Tip: you can dip your fingers in a bowl of ice water, for a few seconds, to speed the process.

Cheat: You can also just use nail tape. If you don't want to fuss with straight lines. In the above picture, Edgy Valentine Nails, the braid is 100% nail tape.

The possibilities are endless. Peacock Braided Nails, was peacock inspired, but really ended up having more of an Egypt vibe. 

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