January 12, 2013

Braided Nails *Tutorial

I like the way this looks, in more toned down colors, but I used black, white and pink. They are so bold you can really see each step cearly. Best about this part is... the only thing you need is different polishes.

This would work with more than three colors. I think after four, it starts to take an already busy design, over the top. I used China glaze Liquid Leather, White On White, and Heli-yum.

Step 1: Paint all of your nails. I painted the nails I intended on doing the braiding on white.  The white and pink will be bright when applied over a white base. Black can bleed through and dull out more neon colors. Cream and metallic polish work the best for this.

Step 2: Paint a line, in one single stroke, from the top corner of your nail, across, and down.

Tip: Use an old eyeliner makeup brush, dipped in nail polish remover, to clean up the extra polish.

Step 3: Starting at the opposite side of your nail, repeat Step Two, in your next color choice.

Step 4: Using the third color, or in my case white, paint another line, from the corner you started with  just under the first line. At this point, I recommend letting your polish dry for a few minutes.

Step 5: Continue crossing back and forth, and alternating colors, until you have covered your entire nails with the design.

Could have stopped here but I never know when enough is enough :)

Last Step: Add your favorite top coat. I swear by Seche Vite. Allow a little extra dry time because there are several layers in this design.

This is not my original idea but I really liked it and this is my step by step recreation. 

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