April 21, 2013

Black and White Accent Nails

It has been a while since I've posted a new design and that my friends is because I have'nt had any nails to paint. I passed my Mammography exam and now have my license but I ended up biting my nails off in the process of waiting for results. That's right... I am a nail biter. Hard to believe but it's true. Every once in a while, driven by stress, I fall victim to my old childhood bad habit. Maybe that explains my obsession with long nails and polish. Any how, here is a little something I came up with for my shorter but growing nails. :)
This is a very simple design and I think it works well for short nails or for those times when you are growing your nails back out after a break.

This manicure would lend itself really well to any color you like but these are the ones I used.
Konad Special Polish in Black/China Glaze White on White and Adventure Red-Y

This is what your nails look like after you apply your base Polish. I used two coats of white for my accent and three coats of red for the remaining nails. Two coats of the red would have worked but since I am going to wear the color without a design I did the third for good measure so that my color won't be streaky in the sunlight.

I used the Hounds Tooth design from Mash image plate Mash-47 and Konad Special Black for my accent nail.

So easy! Seche Vite top coat and done.

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  1. and again.. this is really amazing.. i love the color combo.. :)


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